In our unique saunas in the Roman spa temple you will feel like in paradise on earth. Envelop your body and mind with precious aromas and let yourself be carried by the warmth. Enjoy the moments of peace and complete relaxation.

Our saunas variety allows you to choose from a variety of differentiated therapy methods for you the right one. We would be pleased to help you with the advice and recommendation of one of our unique saunas.

Saunen BEI SCHUMANN - Biosanarium

© Bastian Werner


At about 60 degrees and an air humidity of only about 40-55%. The specially circulatory sauna protects your immune system and promotes blood circulation.

Since it is particularly well tolerated, it is often referred to as a woman sensory.

It can be arranged between the Finnish sauna and the classic steam bath.

Saunen BEI SCHUMANN - Infrared sauna

© Bastian Werner

Infrared sauna

At a wholesome temperature of 50 degrees, the heat radiation penetrates into the skin and heats the body from the inside. This is very good for the condition of the heart vessels.
Infrared rays (without harmful UV radiation) are responsible for the heat. They stimulate strong perspiration even at very low temperatures because they also heat the skin from the inside. A good remedy in stressful situations, against skin diseases and muscle strain.
The energy that hits the surface of the skin is crucial for a pleasant and soothing effect. Taken from the upper layers of the skin, the heat energy penetrates deep into the body and spreads rapidly through the entire organism through increased blood circulation. An increase in body temperature and healthy sweating are the positive consequences. The pleasant and easily tolerated room climate stimulates the metabolism. Both the relaxation of the muscles, as well as a rapid regeneration eg after the sport, can be felt immediately.
Through the pleasant heat, sweat is produced which stimulates the blood circulation and calories are burned. In addition, the sweat glands and poisoned minerals are removed. The daily sweating contributes to the detoxification of the body and also brings about a beautification of the skin.
Due to the increased blood flow, deeply stored impurities as well as dead cell tissue are removed and the nutritious nutrients are transported to the surface. The elasticity of the skin and the complexion are improved.
The low temperatures keep the circuit clean. The high temperatures of a conventional sauna are not required.
The gentle effect of infrared radiation allows daily use.
Walls and ceiling of the sauna are made of red cedar in three different colors, the benches and backrests are made of abachi wood.

Saunen BEI SCHUMANN - Aroma steam bath

© Bastian Werner

Aroma steam bath

Do you want a smooth and delicate skin?
The aromas enriched steam (100% humidity) and the low room temperature of only 44 degrees is beneficial for the respiratory tract, bronchial system and skin.
The circulation is strengthened and the body's defenses are increased.
The ideal length of stay is 10-15 minutes.

Saunen BEI SCHUMANN - Sea climate

© Bastian Werner

Sea climate

From high-quality saline solution (Totes-Meer-Salz) combined with concentrated and ionized oxygen, we produce a velvety-fog, which is absorbed deeply in your respiratory system as well as over your skin.
Normal breathing air has an oxygen content of 21%. By supplying more than 90% oxygen we increase the total content in the air. This increased oxygen content is much faster. Only 20 minutes and you will feel comfortable, like after a 2-hour walk by the sea.
Oxygen applications have a positive effect on the whole organism, strengthen the immune system, delay the aging process, increase the physical and mental performance, have a favorable influence on hypertension and migraine and are ideally suited for stress. With oxygen you can improve your defenses, the cells are working again more actively - the basis for your good health.
The minerals of the sea salt are antiallergic, disinfectant and soften the itching. They stimulate the metabolism of the skin and support the wound healing, eliminate impurities and soothe the skin and nerves.
Salt makes your skin more sensitive to the healing power of UVA sunrays. You can reach an even higher health effect if you do not shower immediately afterwards.
For example, millions of small salt crystals on your skin intensify the effect of a subsequent solarium visit.

Saunen BEI SCHUMANN - Bins chamber

© Bastian Werner

Bins chamber

In the flair decorated with rushes, you can relax and enjoy the tranquility. This somewhat drier sauna is perfect for warming up your body at only 47 degrees.

Trace elements from hay blossoms and other medicinal plants are distributed throughout the air above the South of the copper pan. They penetrate the body through the skin and breathing and have a specific effect on the metabolism.

Saunen BEI SCHUMANN - Hay sauna

© Bastian Werner

Hay sauna

The essential oils of medicinal herbs, which are effective at around 42 degrees, have a purifying and skin-cleansing effect.
Your circulation is pleasantly stimulated and the healing fumes protect the airways. This sauna has a positive effect on rheumatism, joint pain and witches.
The multiplicity of active substances from grasses, flowers and herbs released when the hay is heated, purify the body and strengthen the immune system. Body and mind are pleasantly refreshed and revitalized. Stress-strained minds can regenerate.
Due to the low temperature, you can use this sauna as a first course to slowly get your circulation up and to warm up your body.
Between the saunas we recommend one of our relaxation rituals. Please let us advise you.

Saunen BEI SCHUMANN - Sudatorium

© Bastian Werner


In this oldest and most traditional type of sauna, which is heated by a stone oven, the air temperature is up to 90 degrees.
Through the interplay of 5 - 15 minutes of sauna time and the subsequent resting period of about 30 - 35 minutes, your skin is gently cleansed and your body releases slag and toxins. Heart - circulation - training and curing are the other advantages of this classic sauna pleasure.
The humidity can be increased by sauna - infusions with pure water or with the addition of essential oils.
You will feel relaxed and balanced.

Saunen BEI SCHUMANN - Salt tunnels

© Bastian Werner

Salt tunnels

The salt - air mixture in the approx. 57 degrees warm room air has anti - inflammatory and especially healing on your airways.
They are surrounded by the SOLE, a mixture of sea salt and iodine salt. In this process, a positive effect on the upper airways is clearly felt. Important is the previous thorough washing of the body.
Nestled in pleasant tranquility, you will absorb precious minerals such as iodine, magnesium, calcium and potassium released in this atmosphere with every breath.
This microclimate is particularly suitable for people with respiratory diseases such as asthma and bronchitis, acute and chronic upper respiratory tract infections, or skin diseases such as eczema and eczema. Likewise, people with vegetative diseases such as restlessness, sleep disorders and nonspecific circulatory disorders benefit from the positive effect of our salt tunneling.

Saunen BEI SCHUMANN - Hamam Turkish cleaning time

© Bastian Werner

Hamam Turkish cleaning time

Enter the Turkish steam bath with a cotton towel, the Pestemal and immerse yourself in an unforgettable bathing experience.
It goes on the large heated umbilicus (Göbektasi) in the center of the room. At a temperature of 50 degrees, cold and warm water is poured from the cups over the body.
Afterwards, the body is scrubbed with a peeling glove, the Kese, rubbed off by the Bademeister (Tellak) or a bath (Natir).
The more relaxing is the subsequent massage, in which one is kneaded in a mountain of soap foam.
Through the heat, the pores open and your skin gets better blood circulation. The rubbing with the peeling glove and the foam massage thoroughly remove dead skin cells and leave a babyzarte, smooth skin back. The subsequent applied care attracts better and can have a more effective effect.
In our hammam you can also take a Rhassoulbad with Heilerde. Finally relax in the relaxation room with tea and small fruity snacks.

Saunen BEI SCHUMANN - Roman legionary sauna

© Bastian Werner

Roman legionary sauna

In the sauna made of pure birch wood, you will find a good spirit and accompany you during your sweating. In the group of up to 4 persons you can also add wood yourself.
With birkenzweigen you will be warmed with air and your back will be gently tapped to promote your blood circulation. Tensions dissipate and the effect of perspiration becomes pleasantly intensified.
After the rest and the enjoyment of a traditional bread-fry, your heated muscles are relaxed with a relaxing aromatic massage.
With about 70 degrees the legionary sauna is slightly below the Finnish sauna.