SPA-Angebot - Breathe Deeply

Breathe Deeply

You are welcomed by a refreshing hazelnut foot peel, which will set the mood for your silhouette treatment. The wrap with stinging nettle, sage and goat butter will develop its full power while drifting off in the Soft Pack treatment. This serves to boost circulation and to stimulate the removal of toxins This will tighten and shape your silhouette. A moisturising face mask will also give you a radiant glow.

50 minutes 72,00 €

SPA-Angebot - Waking Up

Waking Up

A fresh kiss for your face: your face, neck and décolleté are cleansed and peeled. You will feel the cleansing effect and a boost for your circulation with our special oil and poppyseed peel.

A pure organic aloe vera spray will give your face and hair deep moisture. Your skin will be imbued, regenerated and nurtured. Additionally, your skin will then be treated with our vitamin serum – a moisturising miracle. The serum contains many active ingredients will give your skin more moisture and will ensure a fresh and even tint. Your skin will be as smooth as silk.

30 minutes 43,00 €

SPA-Angebot - Freshen up your soul

Freshen up your soul

With individually filled herbal pouches with coconut, nettle, sage, juniper and yarrow, your thighs will be stimulated with strong and knocking movements, enlivening your system and opening up your pores. The subsequent anti cellulite cupping therapy enhances the burning of fat and washes out toxins from your body.

50 minutes 76,00 €