SPA-Angebot - Resting


Calm down. Enter. Soothe your body. Accompanied by a fennel tea ceremony, you will find inner peace with a honey salt foot peel and a reflexology foot massage.
Afterwards you can witness the cleansing effects of honey and salt in our steam bath. You will really break a sweat and thereby activate your body's self-healing processes.

60 minutes 86,00 €

SPA-Angebot - Storing


This full body pack is the perfect care package for your skin. We are really spoiling you with this vitamin bomb.
Important nutrients are stored and released to care for your skin with nourishing ingredients during the cold days of the year. Your whole being will then be revitalised by the successive honey back massage.

60 minutes 86,00€

SPA-Angebot - Harmony


Balance and harmony for needy skin. We will cleanse and peel your face, neck and décolleté. Afterwards you will be treated with a fennel bulb and honey mask. This will calm your skin and also moisturise it. A short manicure perfectly rounds off your wellness experience.

50 minutes 72,00€

Out hint: extend your wellness time by 10 minutes and have your manicure complemented by nail varnish

10 minutes 10,00€