SPA-Angebot - Linked To Earth

Linked To Earth

The particularly gentle healing earth and rosehip peel will softly free your skin of impurities and thereby prepare you for the following full body sea buckthorn wrap. The pleasantly warm wrap is simply drreamy and the “golden fruit” can develop its full power.

60 minutes 78,00 €

SPA-Angebot - Winter Sleep

Winter Sleep

The native quince matures in Autumn. Its fruit is said to have great healing properties. While you are slumbering during your head pressure point massage, the quince can unveil its full power. A detoxifying quince-rosemary-mask will heal your facial skin and protect it from new environmental impacts. Vitamin C, zinc and iron further strengthen your body’s defences and will make you fit for the winter.

30 minutes 43,00€

SPA-Angebot - Cosy Warmth

Cosy Warmth

A fiery, fruity foot peel warms your body and helps your skin to breathe deeply. The subsequent full body relaxation massage, using warming rosemary oil to stimulate blood flow, will provide a feeling of well-being long after the massage and make your skin velvet-soft.

60 minutes 86,00€