SPA-Angebot - ModernTimes For Your Skin

ModernTimes For Your Skin

Bio aloe vera and finely grated seaweed refine your skin texture. The peel, rich in silicon, is concluded with a lotion.
30 minutes 43,00€
combined with DreamTime for 60 minutes 78,00€

SPA-Angebot - DreamTime For Your Skin

DreamTime For Your Skin

Long-lasting and intense moisturising care for a particularly smooth feeling skin.
30 minutes 43,00€
combined with ModernTimes for 60 minutes 78,00€

SPA-Angebot - BathTime


Let your thoughts wander and enjoy this soothing bath, which we will prepare to fit your needs. You select the ingredients and prepare to have a wonderfully relaxing time.
30 minutes 36,00€

SPA-Angebot - Time For Massage

Time For Massage

A message to fit your specific needs: enjoy your time-out and relax your soul.
50 minutes 72,00€
80 minutes 100,00€

SPA-Angebot - BackTime


This special massage will encourage better mobility in your spine and head, as well as a reduction of muscular tension. Knots will be localised and relaxed into the deep layers of your neck, back and groin muscles.
40 minutes 58,00€

SPA-Angebot - StoneTime


A massage with “soft” stones will deeply relax you. Combining a full-body treatment with energy work will get you back into balance.
70 minutes 90,00€

SPA-Angebot - PouchTime


A pleasant massage with fragrant and warm pouches that are filled with herbs. You will gain new power for your daily life with stretches, pressure, fast strokes and soft, and circular motions.
70 minutes 90,00€

SPA-Angebot - TimeOut for Pregnant Women

TimeOut for Pregnant Women

This massage will specifically fit the needs of the expectant mother.
Swollen limbs ebb away, back pain and tensions are relieved.
60 minutes 86,00€