Our SPA packages are unique and harmonious treatments and services to make for a special experience. They have been designed for couples. The room will have massage benches so that you can stay together the whole time and experience everything as a couple. A separate time for you in one of our suites is also included, if available.
Find yourself again and experience a wonderful time-out.

SPA-Angebot - Alone Together

Alone Together

Breathe deeply. Recharge your batteries. Discover your other half. Time for talks or silence.

This SPA package includes
1 hour SPA suite
1 bottle “Schloss Vaux” champagne
caring wine bath in our couple bath tub
caring products for home use
60 minutes 129,00€ per couple

SPA-Angebot - Move, and be moved

Move, and be moved

„The greatest happiness in life ist he conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves“ – Victor Marie Hugo
This package includes:
2 hours SPA suite
1 bottle “Schloss Vaux” champagne
stimulating wine marc peeling
caring wine bath in our couples tub
120 minutes 258,00€ per couple

SPA-Angebot - Skin on skin

Skin on skin

Nobody knows like a woman how to say things that are both sweet and profound. Sweetness and depth, this is all of woman; this is Heaven.” – Victor Marie Hugo
This SPA package includes
3 hours SPA suite
1 bottle “Schloss Vaux” champagne
soothing wine bath in our couples tub
50 minutes individual time for massage or cosmetics
180 minutes 309,00 per couple

SPA-Angebot - Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Being healthy starts with a decision to be healthy. Free your body of accumulated toxins and extra pounds. Strengthen your immune system. Lean, beautiful, healthy and full of power – who wouldn't want that?! Clean up your body”

This package includes from our SpringTime rituals:
Breathe Deeply
Waking Up
Freshen up your soul
Tea Ceremony
130 minutes 168,00€

SPA-Angebot - Summer break

Summer break

Summer, sun, SEEWUNDERBAR.
This is the time your skin craves for intensive care. Designed to perfectly fulfill your needs and produce unbridled relaxation.
This package includes from our SummerTime rituals:
refreshing mint water
150 minutes 193,00€

SPA-Angebot - HarvestTime


Autumn means harvest time, and time to say thank you for the countless gifts of nature. Gathering, saving and finding inner peace. Quieten down your mind, let your worries and fears go away and simply focus on being.
Give in to the art of enjoying every moment with blissful awareness.
This package includes from our FireplaceTime rituals:
Tea ceremony
160 minutes 204,00€

SPA-Angebot - Effective silence

Effective silence

Silence. Peace. They are sources of power. They form the basis for strength, calming and regeneration. Your thoughts quiet down. It is worth stop and feel your quiet rhythm and inner peace.
Lethargy and fatigue simply disappear. Energy will start to flow through your body again.
This package includes from our Quiet Time rituals:
Linked To Earth
Winter Sleep
Cozy Warmth
150 minutes 193,00€