Imagine: Walls in colonnades, telling thrilling stories. Beautiful colours, intense and uplifting. Each room different but working in harmony, calming and touching your soul. Noble, shimmering, floating fabrics, soft to the touch. Fine silk and coarse linen to cool you down; soft cotton and hugging velvet to warm you up. Stone and wood are also used in aesthetically pleasing combination to aid cooling and warming.
The feeling of precious granite and elaborate mosaics beneath your bare feet mingle with the aromas of cherry blossoms, lavender, rosemary and sage, every breath optimising enjoyment. The power of fire, which flickers through all rooms: fireplace, torches and candles put you in the right light. Each of these things were hand picked and lovingly arranged for your pleasure. Inspired by the spirit of Rome floating above everything. Revel in colours and fabrics; enjoy the touch and soothing effect of precious materials. Stretch out on specially made padded furniture and couches. Lie down, relax, dream.

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